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We are all finding ourselves at home a lot more these days. If you’re usually a busy person rushing from one engagement to another, this switch has probably been jarring!

You may have already mastered bread baking, watched every show available on Netflix, and now you’re looking for the next way to fill your time.

Why not try a class at the U of R this winter term? It’s a great way to work on your resume, embark on some self-improvement, or simply learn new things! See below for information on the courses being offered, and the different ways you can enrol at the U of R.

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Seniors’ Tuition Waiver

Did you know that anyone 65 years of age or older can request a tuition waiver?


Review Admission Requirements

Admission criteria is dependent upon your most recent educational experience. Here are the options:

Mature Admission

If you did not complete high school or cannot access your transcript, and you are 21 years of age or older, you will apply as a Mature Applicant. Mature students typically demonstrate their academic potential through a personal statement that explains their achievements, life experiences, goals, and motivations to succeed in their desired program. You can apply online here.

Final High School Admission

If you completed high school and your transcripts are accessible, you will apply as a Final High School Applicant. This means that we will use your final high school transcript as the basis of your admission. If you do not meet high school admission requirements and you are 21 years of age or older, you will be considered as a mature applicant. You can apply online here.

Post-Secondary Admission

If you completed some post-secondary work at another institution, you will apply as a Post-Secondary Applicant. Depending on how many university courses you completed, we will use either your prior university transcripts or high school transcripts to determine admission. You can apply online here.


If you completed some post-secondary work at the University of Regina, and have not attended any other institutions since then, you will Apply for Re-admission. You can do this online here.

Casual Studies

The Casual Studies Program allows members of the general public to take courses for general interest. Applicants must be aged at least 18, and not have received a requirement to discontinue (RTD) or university-level forced withdrawal (MW) at any post-secondary institution. You can apply by submitting an Application for Admission or Re-admission for Casual Students.

Audit Registration

If you would like to attend lectures of a course but not enrol in the course for credit, you will register as an Audit student. You can find the Undergraduate Audit Registration Form here.

English Language Proficiency Requirements

The language of instruction at the University of Regina is English. All applicants must therefore demonstrate an appropriate level of proficiency in the English language. For more information regarding ELP, click here.

Register in Courses

Once you have been admitted, your next step is registering in the course you’d like to take! You can do this online by yourself, or with the help of one of our expert Academic Advisors.

For detailed information on how to register in courses, click here.

To book an appointment with an Academic Advisor or for registration help, please email They will be happy to assist you!


Primarily Zoom-based (synchronous) teaching RLDS [Remote Learning Delivery Special]. These classes are “live”; that is, faculty and students gather together virtually to teach and learn in Zoom classrooms. These courses are offered on specific days/times as listed in UR Self Service. Note: these dates and times have not changed since the registration period opened.


Web-based or UR Courses-based (asynchronous) Courses (UR Courses-based) RLWS [Remote Learning Web Special] - delivered in a way that you are able to manage them on your own schedule rather than attend class on a specific date/time.

Meet with an enrolment counsellor.


You probably have a few questions about university – that’s why we have experienced (and pretty darn friendly) Enrolment Counsellors on staff. They’ll meet with you one-on-one by phone or Zoom, answer all your questions, and even guide you through the application process.

An introduction to the study of the visual arts. Lectures focus on contemporary art practices and objects, design elements, media and methods, and the meanings and contexts that inform the making and reception of art works..

Art 100

Introduction to Art

An introductory level course covering the principles of biology with examples taken from humans.

Biology 140

Human Biology for Non-majors

This course will introduce students to the functional areas of business in a variety of organizations.

Business 100

Introduction to Business

This language and culture course for beginners will focus on the discovery and the acquisition of basic vocabulary and structures in order to develop oral and written communication skills while fostering cultural awareness of the Francophone world.

French 100

Introduction to French

Introduction to health science emphasizing Indigenous perspectives. Topics: history of health and health care, theories of health, personal health, consumerism, interpreting health information and statistics, health careers.

Indigenous Health Studies 100

Introduction to Indigenous Health Studies

An introduction to the study of adjustment, disorders, development, personality and the social environment of the person.

Psychology 101

Introduction to Psychology

Here are just a handful of courses being offered this winter.
Note - Most 100-level courses do not require prerequisites, so if you have no prior university experience look for courses that start with a 1!.

We can't wait to see you this winter.

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